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Forest School

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Here at Morda we are lucky to have a Forest School on site. This means we can access it with ease and it brings something to our Preschool we can celebrate and use as the fantastic tool it is. Our children currently visit the Forest School on a Friday morning with our Forest School lead and other members of the staff team. After recently reviewing our policy we are inviting our rising two year olds as well as our three year olds to embark on this experience; and we pledge to offer every child the opportunity within one of the two terms we operate on a rotation basis.


In the Moment Planning 

A Perfect Fit

"Young children live in the here and now. If adults are to make a real difference to their learning they need to seize the moments when children first show curiosity, and support their next steps immediately." - Anna Ephgrave
In the Moment Planning is used here at Morda and has been for a while now, Anna herself has been to meet the team and her feedback was very positive. This planning method gives the staff here at Morda the confidence in responding to the children's interests and learning, through teaching moments, in the moment. This promotes child-led play and learning in the here and now while their grown-ups input, as and when needed, on something the child is truly invested in. They want to play in a way they enjoy. Naturally, children at times, want help to extend, grow, reach, make, and more. Our responsive staff team are there in the moment to play, encourage, support, facilitate, demonstrate, ponder, recall, and listen amongst just a few teachable moments; before recording observations and meeting families once or twice a term to discuss progress made. The development and learning taking place in our children at Morda Preschool is second to none and we are proud of every achievement no matter how small.


Early Years Foundation Stage

Satisfaction Guaranteed

In Shropshire and England, Early Years settings follow the guidance set by the Early Years Foundation Stage. As such we do follow this here at Morda Preschool. It has recently been reviewed and the current guidance can now be found using the link below.


Curiosity Approach


After Morda Preschool following a Reggio pedagogy for many years, we discovered the Curiosity Approach co-founded by Lyndsey Hellyn and Stephanie Bennett. The Curiosity Approach allows us to stay loyal to our Reggio background, with the addition of other tried and tested theorists and pedagogies under the many years of experience the ladies, and team at the Curiosity Approach have offered us. The Curiosity Approach promotes ore and wonder in Early Years, pulling authentic resources and natural surroundings into a sustainable and imaginative fashion to create learning opportunities for all. The children learn to value and look after the resources as they want to play with them next time. Loose parts and recycled materials offer scope for imagination and exploration during play and learning. The process over the outcome is where the growth of our children happens, although it is wonderful to see the pride in their creations when complete. We are Accredited, the only Preschool setting in the whole of Shropshire!

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