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Our Rooms

Nurturing and Encouraging


The Explorers

Two and Three year olds
SEND Provision 

The Explorers Room welcomes our children and their families on the beginning of their journey here at Morda Preschool. We take children from two and three years and help them find their feet learning through play; eventually transitioning them to The Creator's when they are good and ready. The Explorers has naturally become the environment for our SEND friends too - it is a smaller, more nurturing environment that has many quiet areas and sensory experiences, for those that may need that a little more often. Definitely more suited to our younger children as they develop their social and emotional skills in particular, although holistically a great space for much more.

The Creators

Three and rising Four year olds

The Creator's Room takes our children that are already three years old, either as new friends of Morda Preschool or as existing Explorers transitioning from our two year old room. This environment is a little larger with many more resources that encourage further development;  building on new and exisiting skills and interests. The children tend to become Creator's when they are physically and emotionally mature and ready for more challenge within their play and learning opportunities. Parents are always part of this decision - the first transition is such a big step in their children's Early Years journey

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